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Ryan Farris

CFO and Co-Founder

Ryan Farris, our Co-Founder and CFO, is a seasoned financial strategist with a background as unique as it is impressive. His financial expertise is shaped by years of public service, including critical roles at the White House, U.S. Senate, and Pentagon. Notably, it was during his Pentagon tenure under the Deputy Secretary of Defense where Ryan made significant contributions to incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the strategic roadmap for the military, a testament to his forward-thinking approach.

A retired U.S. Navy veteran, Ryan’s experience in defense and governance has provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving technological landscape, particularly in the realm of AI. His commitment to leveraging AI for strategic advantages has been a constant throughout his career, influencing his perspectives on finance, operations, and business development.

Before assuming his role at Visto360, Ryan co-founded Orbital Effects, serving as its CFO. Within a span of just three years, he helped evolve the startup into a world-class space business. His well-rounded career also includes business consulting for a diverse set of technology companies and private equity investors, enriching his multi-disciplinary approach to financial management.

Holding an MS in Finance from the University of Notre Dame, Ryan brings to Visto360 a solid foundation in financial oversight blended with a passion for AI-driven solutions. His financial acumen, honed in complex public and private sector environments, serves as a cornerstone for our company’s sustainable growth and innovative edge.

As we journey toward becoming a global leader in AI-infused Augmented Reality solutions, Ryan's expertise in finance and his contributions to AI ensure that Visto360 is not only financially sound but also consistently at the forefront of technological innovation.

Ryan Farris
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